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DeepCurl™ Rifle Bullet

This big game bullet offers hunters consistent, tough and accurate performance. DeepCurl utilizes Speer's ability to electro-chemically bond the jacket to a lead core, resulting in great weight retention and excellent penetration to drop even the toughest trophy animals. This new 30-caliber line extension features a soft point design ensuring reliable expansion upon impact. DeepCurl rifle hunting bullets are available in numerous key calibers and weights.

Features & Benefits
• Provides bullet options with superior electro-chemically bonded bullets
• Uniform jacket gives premium level accuracy
• Soft point design for reliable expansion in hunting situations
• Great weight retention and excellent penetration
• Flat-base for more stability
• Great all-around big game bullet for an exceptional price
• Available in key calibers and weights

2027- .308 165-grain DeepCurl SP

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Important Reloading Data
DeepCurl's unique construction process joins the jacket to the core at the molecular level for excellent performance and consistency. For this reason, conventional reloading data developed for standard jacketed bullets should not be used to load DeepCurl® rifle bullets. Only DeepCurl specific reloading data should be used. It can be found here at reloading data pages in the reloading data pages or by contacting Speer Technical Services at 866-286-7436. DeepCurl handgun bullets can use data from the Speer Reloading Manual #14.