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Speer® Bullets continues the long, rich tradition of quality products for reloaders. Each season and every shot. We have affordable solutions for every type of bullet. When you're looking to create your own loads come to Speer Bullets. You can rely on our bullets to get the job done. Whether you reload for hunting or shooting, we offer a bullet perfect for your discipline. This season make sure you're loaded with only the best, Speer Bullets.

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DeepCurl™—the new hunting bullet line from Speer Bullets—is now available for handloaders. It's the hottest bullet available for rifle or handgun hunting. These new offerings have excellent performance and are easy on the pocketbook. A unique bullet design made with traditional and new technologies makes this bonded jacket, lead core and flat base bullet a good value. Available in several handgun and rifle calibers and grain offerings. Handloaders will be happy to get the new Deepcurl.

And, look for other new bullet offerings in Gold Dot® Personal Protection, Plinker, TNT® and TNT® Green™. No matter what type of shooting you do, you're sure to find an affordable, effective bullet option from Speer Bullets.

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Important Reloading Data

DeepCurl's unique construction process joins the jacket to the core at the molecular level for excellent performance and consistency. For this reason, conventional reloading data developed for standard jacketed bullets should not be used to load DeepCurl™ rifle bullets. Only DeepCurl specific reloading data should be used. It can be found here at reloading data pages in the reloading data pages or by contacting Speer Technical Services at 866-286-7436. DeepCurl handgun bullets can use data from the Speer Reloading Manual #14.

Speer Bullets working to meet current demand.

ATK has achieved its market leadership position in the ammunition industry by delivering innovation and quality. We continue to work seven days a week, making multiple daily shipments to meet the current demand and deliver quality products to our customers.

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