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Gold Dot® Short Barrel®

SPECIAL BULLETS FOR YOUR COMPACT FIREARMS. We offer you the same bullets used in Gold Dot® Short Barrel® ammunition as a component for your reloading needs. These bullets are engineered for excellent expansion at velocities common to short—barreled handguns. Gold Dot Short Barrel bullets in .38, .40, and .45 caliber are profiled the same as their regular Gold Dot counterparts for reliable feeding in semi-autos, plus we added more volume to the hollow point cavity to aid in low-velocity expansion.

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No. Caliber Grains/Grams Description Count View Details
4014 38 135 / 8.75 38 Spl/357 Mag GDHP SB 100 Details >
4401 40 180 / 11.66 40 S&W GDHP SB 100 Details >
4482 45 230 / 14.9 45 Auto GDHP SB 100 Details >

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