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It wasn't luck all these years that earned Speer its long-standing reputation for making the world's finest bullets. Speer offers a full line of component plinking and target bullets, from full metal jacket TMJ's to bargain lead. Match the bullet to your type of shooting sport. Find the perfect load for that special firearm.

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No trick "base covers"-our jackets are one-piece. Conventional FMJ bases can deform under pressure, and that hurts accuracy-TMJs won't let this happen. Insist on the original-Speer TMJ has been copied but never matched. Learn More >


Jacketed HP & SP

Great bullets just don't go away. Some are Vernon Speer's original designs, but they are still among our most popular bullets. They stayed in the lineup because you wanted them there. These Jacketed Hollow Point and Soft Point bullets are suitable for just about every type of shooting sport. Learn More >


For target shooting or economical plinking, the lead bullet is hard to beat. Just when you thought there was nothing left to improve the lead bullet, Speer® technology comes through again. We've upgraded all our lead bullets with our high-tech lubrication system that resists leading better than anything else. Learn More >

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