Plastic Training Bullets

For informal target practice in places with a minimum backstop, finding the proper ammo isn’t always easy. Speer® plastic training bullets and cases make the perfect practice load. Reusable molded plastic cases and bullets powered by CCI® large pistol primers provide an accurate and inexpensive alternative. They are designed for 25-foot shooting.

Simply prime the case, insert the plastic wadcutter bullet and you’re ready to go. Primer power alone gives the lightweight bullet 300-400 feet/sec velocity. You can stop these in a simple bullet trap made from carpet scraps and cardboard. Bullets can be reused several times.

Bullets and cases are sold separately so you can replace lost or damaged bullets. They are packed 50 bullets or cases to the box. The .45 Auto bullet is designed to readily load in a standard reloadable brass case with a modified flash hole.

This is not loaded ammunition. Primers are not included. Recommended for handguns only. Use only in areas with adequate ventilation. Do not use any propellant powder when assembling these cartridges.

Product Bullet Part # Case Part # Box Count
38 Cal 8510 8515 50
44 Cal 8520 8525 50
45 Cal* 8530 See Note 50

Note: 45 Cal bullet is used with standard brass case.
* For 45 Auto only.

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